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Contact Lenses

We stock 2 different brands of contact lenses in our stores. Primal and Edit. Primal contact lenses are manufactured in Korea and Edit contacts are manufactured in the UK. Both brands are FDA approved and Health Canada certified for wear. You must be at least 19 years of age to buy the contacts from us due to liability reasons. Below are some examples of the styles we carry. Please note that each year styles may change! Give us a call!




We carry fake eyelashes manufactured by Garland Beauty Products. We have over 40 different styles of eyelashes that are basic extensions to lashes with feathers on them. Most of our fake eyelashes come with basic adhesive so you do not need to purchase additional eyelash glue, but we recommend that you do if you are wearing them out for anything more than at home. You don’t want an eyelash falling off while you are out on the town!