Makeup & Special f/x | InCharacter Costume & Novelties



   Makeup can make or break a great costume. What you wear can determine how evil or how pretty you will be! You don’t want low quality makeup that will rub off half way through you wearing it. That is why we supply quality makeup for people from the professional artist, down to the “just need some ghost white for my face” type of person!

Full color palettes, single color ben nyeswatches, and brushes. Liquid, powder or a combination of both. We have it.

Ben Nye and Mehron are just 2 major brand names of many that we carry makeup for.



Prosthetics & Special f/x

makeup   Of course,
along with makeup, goes good prosthetics and special f/x. Horns, scars, or entire faces can turn your living self into an undead zombie. Cinema Secrets (Base and Woochie line) and Tinsley Transfers 3d-fx-tinsley-transfers-displayare our 2 major brands that we carry for prosthetics and special f/x. You can go into as much detail as you want like our friend to the left with Woochie or go with water application special f/x with Tinsley Transfers. Give us a call for your next zombie slasher party!


We also carry liquid latex and stage blood made by Ben Nye. They come in 1 gallon, 1 litre and smaller sizes.