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Contact Lenses

We carry PRIMAL® Coloured Contact Lenses, a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of costume and cosmetic coloured contacts. Their colored lens are exceptional in both quality and comfort. Their research and development team carefully selects each pigment according to various criteria such as the level of opacity and the ability of the lens to mimic the eyes natural colors. PRIMAL® coloured contact lenses are manufactured in standardized facilities according to internationally accepted standards and are distributed worldwide. PRIMAL® offers in-depth customer care for all retail and distribution purposes to ensure an exceptional before-and-after sales experience.

PRIMAL® Contact Lenses comply with international standards that apply to Contact Lenses. All contact lenses sold by PRIMAL® Contact Lenses are manufactured in a facility that is compliant with international quality standards certifications such as ISO13485, CAMDCAS, CE, and US 510K and are authorized to be sold in USA, Canada, Australia and an expanding list of other countries. You must be at least 19 years of age to buy the contacts from us due to liability reasons. Below are some examples of the styles we carry. Please note that each year styles may change! Give us a call!



We carry fake eyelashes manufactured by Garland Beauty Products. We have over 80 different styles of eyelashes that are basic extensions to elaborate lashes with feathers on them.  Don’t forget to purchase additional eyelash glue. You don’t want an eyelash falling off while you are out on the town!