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   Do you love to scare as much as we do? Do you run your own haunted house out of your garage or carport? Do you need that extra flying ghost to make it just pop out at someone to make them scream even more? How about limbs? Snakes? Cauldrons? That’s just to name a few. We also carry AtmosFEARfx living props! Check out the video below for an example of just 1 of the types of AtmosFEARfxwe carry!

We also carry things like;

  • Tombstones,
  • Window Decals
  • Webbing
  • Black roses
  • Candy Bowls
  • Pumpkin Carving sets
  • Music
  • and more!

If you are looking for even bigger items, such as animatronic pieces, give us a call and we can see what we can do!